Monthly Mystery Coupon

FAQs for PopsGalore Monthly Mystery Coupon

What is PopsGalore Monthly Mystery Coupon?
Each month PopsGalore will have a set amount of Envelopes to give out in orders with variety of coupons and prizes. (List of content for the current month is available below)
How do I get a Mystery Coupon? 
Make an online order at PopsGalore that is $40 or more (not including shipping) and in your parcel you will receive a sealed envelope with a Mystery Coupon. 
How many Mystery Coupons can I get?
1x Mystery Coupon per order of $40 and more (not including shipping).
Can I use multiply Mystery Coupons at once?
No, you can only use one Mystery Coupon per order.
How do I redeem my Mystery Coupon?
To redeem a Mystery Coupon, apply the code in your cart or upon checkout. Some Mystery Coupons you'll need to contact PopsGalore directly to activate. 
Do Mystery Coupons have an expiration date? 
Yes they do, all expiration dates are provided on the coupon.
Can Mystery Coupons be applied to all produts? 
Majority yes but any future promotions or sales may not allow you to redeem the mystery coupons so please read all promotions and sales carefully to avoid any confusion.
Do the stickers on the seal indicate what Mystery Coupon I will be receiving? 
No, all stickers are added after the envelopes were sealed and shuffled around. 

September Monthly Mystery Coupon:

There will be a total of 90x envelopes to give out in September. If all 90x envelopes are given out before the 30th September 2020, no new envelopes will be added. New set of envelopes will be made for October 2020.
Please note: Stickers on the September envelopes are either Fruity or Cute Donuts.
Below are the coupon prize list for September:
2x Grand Prizes
> Each winner will receive a 2-Pack PopShield Armor Hard Stack with Magnectic Lid. These stackable hard protectors give your most prized 4-inch funko pop vinyl collectibles the protection they deserve. Postage is paid for by PopsGalore. To redeem this prize please contact PopsGalore within 14 days of the delivery date.  
5x Pop Protector Starter Packs
> Each winner gets a Pop Protector Starter Pack, contains 10x 0.35mm 3.75", 1x 2-Pack and 1x 6" Pop Protectors. Postage is paid for by PopsGalore. This prize needs to be redeemed with 14 days of the delivery date.
8x 15% off next order
>  Each winner gets 15% off in their next order. Discount caps at $25. Please read the terms on the coupon to activate.
15x $10 off next order
> Each winner gets $10 off in their next order. Please read the terms on the coupon to activate.
25x $5 off next order
> Each winner gets $5 off in their next order. Please read the terms on the coupon to activate.
35x 50% Shipping
> Each winner gets 50% off shipping in their next order. Please read the terms on the coupon to activate.