Reward / Loyalty Program

PG (PopsGalore) Crowns is our reward / loyalty program

We want to reward our loyal customers here at PopsGalore. You must have a PopsGalore account and be logged in for PG Crowns to be rewarded. You can earn PG Crowns by purchasing products on our website.

  • For every $1 AUD spent earns you 5 points. (not including shipping cost)

Redeeming your PG Crowns upon checkout. 

  • 950 points = $5 AUD off your order
  • 1900 points = $10 AUD off your order
  • 3800 points = $20 AUD off your order

To redeem these points you will need to spend a minimum of $30 AUD including postage and apply the credit upon checkout in Step 3 Payment Details

(IN PROGRESS) You can track your PG Crowns in your account once you've logged in. 

Terms & Condition for PG Crowns

  • PG Crowns are automatically calculated through the website. 
  • PopsGalore has the right to cancel PG Crowns or cancel a redemption should the PG Crowns be awarded incorrectly. 
  • If your order is refunded the PG Crowns accrued will be removed from your account.
  • PG Crowns can not be used to purchase any online gift vouchers. 
  • PopsGalore reserves the right to change/cancel our PG Crowns reward / loyalty program at any time without notice.