How to pack a pop for Beginners

I am in various Funko Pop Groups on Facebook and have noticed sellers sending out Pops with none to extremely minimal padding. This will only take an extra few minutes. If you have time to sell pops online then you have the time to pack them too. Regardless of the value of the pop you should always pack with care.

Here is a step by step guide on how to pack one pop. (This is also how PopsGalore send their single pops out)


  • A box 18cm x 18cm x 18cm (Can be purchased at an Australian Post Office for $2.30)
  • Bubblewrap & Newspaper
  • Scissors & Tape


Bubblewrap the pop with one layer, try to keep it tight fitted. Covering from top to bottom. 


Add another layer of bubblewrap on the pop.


Cut out a square piece of bubblewrap to place on the bottom of the parcel box.


Place the Pop in the centre of the box and surround the dead space with scrunched up newspaper.

To test that you have secured the Pop nicely, gently shake the box from side to side, if you hear movement of the pop box add more newspaper. Repeat this step till you don't hear any movement of the pop. 


Add another square piece of bubblewrap for the top layer. 


Close the lid, gently press down and secure all flaps with sticky tape. Overall weight is under 500g. 

Easy 6 steps on how to pack a pop. 

Cost price using Australia Post (Domestic prices)

  • Regular Post < 500g is $8.30
  • Express Post < 500g is $11.30 
  • Australia Post Box BX18 is $2.30
  • Insurance is ideal for expensive pops. $2.00 per $100 of the item's value.
  • Buy a roll of bubblewrap either at Australia Post / Officeworks (Height minimum 30cm)
  • Newspaper you get free 

Note: This is just a guide, you can use a slightly different box/method but make sure the box is not too tight and allow padding for security of the Pop.


  • Thin boxes
  • Plastic bags or Air bags (They sometimes press to hard on the pop boxes and tent to bend them)