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Scarlet & Violet: 151 - Near Complete Base Set

Scarlet & Violet: 151 - Near Complete Base Set

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Inspect pictures as this is the Pokemon product you will be receiving.

Overall Condition: Near Mint - Excellent
Please keep in mind that some cards may have a tiny bit of whitening on edges or corners and may have tiny scratches.
We do not take into consideration the centring of the card when listed as near mint, therefore you may receive a card off centred.

This is a Scarlet & Violet 151 Near Complete Base Set
153 Base cards from #001-#165
Commons, Uncommons & Holo Rares ONLY.

Not included:
Reverse Holos, EXs, IRs & SARs.

These were either imported from overseas, obtained from previous collectors or pulled from packs.

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